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"Un mare di storia, un tuffo nel cuore"
A sea of history, a dive into tradition

Il Museo è chiuso in ottemperanza del DPCM del 3 dicembre 2020 e successivi provvedimenti.

The Coral Museum, housed in an elegant Art Nouveau Villa, was created to recount the tale of Alghero’s identity and of the strong bond that has always united the city and coral.

A fascinating journey to discover the red gold of the Mediterranean Sea: Corallium Rubrum, one of the main resources, as well as an emblem of identity to which the Fortified City owes part of its fame and fortune.

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The museum

A fascinating journey into the history of the red heart of Alghero to discover Corallium Rubrum, a precious gift from the Mediterranean Sea recounting the intimate bond that has always bound this town to its surroundings. The Coral Museum gives visitors the chance to delve into topics such as the history, biology and local economy generated by the processing of this valuable element, considered a real source of wealth for this community.

These jewels and jewellery, with their roots in the depths of the sea, embody the deep bond that keeps our traditions alive.

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Unmissable attractions

The Corallium Rubrum is the embodiment of the strong bond between the city of Alghero and its traditions. It is believed to have been used to decorate the tiles of houses, and as such it comes as no surprise that pieces of coral can be found scattered almost everywhere in the city.


In this section we offer you two itineraries closely linked to the Museum and to coral.

A museum within a museum, Villa Costantino, the only Art Nouveau villa accessible to the public, leads us on a path of discovery to other stately homes adorned with Art Nouveau features, built at the beginning of the twentieth century along the seafront from Piazza Sulis to Villa Las Tronas.

Once inside the walls of the fortified city one cannot but wander through the shops and ateliers in the heart of the old town, icons of historical memory and an integral part of the culture and tradition of this city.

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statua sant'Erasmo

Stories from the sea

The history of the city of Alghero is closely linked to this red gold, to fishing for it and above all to crafting it. For centuries the city’s port has seen the mooring of thousands of coral boats. The fortified city came to life, earnings increased and the docks were populated by seafarers. Coral's tradition in Alghero dates back to the thirteenth century although it is from 1700 onwards that the exploitation of the Alghero seabed has seen the greatest developments, due to the sea's abundance and the very high value of coral.

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For all the latest updates from the Coral Museum, you can now also follow us on YouTube.

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News from the Museum

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