Stucco wall decoration, Roman Villa of Sant’Imbenia

Hut of the Hoards, The Nuragic Village of Sant’Imbenia

Mass burial site, Medieval cemetery of San Michele


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Memory and inspiration. Our town, your museum.

Il Museo è chiuso in ottemperanza del DPCM del 3 dicembre 2020 e successivi provvedimenti.

The Archaeological Museum of Alghero was set up to gather, preserve and communicate the town’s historical, social and cultural memory.

The collection houses artefacts discovered during excavations of the urban and inhabited areas. These records date back to the first human settlements in the area and span from the Neolithic to Middle Ages.

The museum also offers a hitherto unseen and privileged view of places that can no longer be physically used and which are still the subject of archaeological investigations and anthropological studies.

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The history of the building

The MŪSA Archaeological Museum of Alghero is housed in one of the city’s historical buildings.

Over the centuries it has changed its intended use several times: from a warehouse adjoining the Jesuit College church to an infantry militias’ barracks; from a district prison to a boxing and fencing gym, but above all a place of social gathering for post-war youth.

Its walls, in perfect synergy with the collection held within, communicate to us the historical, social and cultural memory of Alghero.

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Tales from the finds

The MŪSA offers you a selection of the collection’s most significant exhibits, with plenty of stories to tell.

Dedicated to all those who wish to discover the museum with an alternative view.

You will be accompanied, step by step, along a path of total immersion into the history of Alghero and its territory. From Ancient Neolithic to Post Middle Ages. A "taster" in line with the Museum’s identity and its most characteristic features.

Now let’s start...enjoy your visit!

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For all the latest updates from the Archaeological Museum, you can now also follow us on YouTube.

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News from the Museum

Monumenti Aperti 2020

5 – 6 Dicembre 2020 Alghero Alghero partecipa all’edizione straordinaria di Monumenti Aperti con il coinvolgimento dei licei Classico Linguistico G. Manno e Scientifico E. Fermi. Per l’occasione, gli studenti coinvolti hanno realizzato un video di presentazione del MŪSA – Museo Archeologico e del MACOR – Museo del Corallo. La chiusura dei luoghi della...

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26 – 27 settembre 2020 LE GIORNATE EUROPEE DEL PATRIMONIO PROMOSSE DAL MIBACT Imparare per la vita I prossimi 26 -27 settembre ritorna uno degli appuntamenti più attesi del calendario di iniziative promosse dal Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali e per il Turismo: le Giornate Europee del...

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Miquel l’ArcheoTalpa – laboratorio per bambini

Sabato 26 settembre | ore 18 A cura di Giochedù di Eleonora Cattogno Eleonora Cattogno, autrice per ragazzi e esperta di didattica museale, farà conoscere ai bambini due nuovi piccoli amici che li guideranno alla scoperta del Musa- Museo Archeologico e del Centro Storico. La Kollanina è nata qualche anno...

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