The sea

First floor, rooms 1-3

The sea was an economic resource, an important route for merchants and travellers of ancient times, facilitating trade and cultural exchange between peoples of different cultures, but at the same time it was a treacherous place full of danger: the sea has always played a leading role in Alghero’s history.

The first section documents the relationship between the territory and the Mediterranean Sea.

  • From 1700 B.C. to 730 B.C.

    Sant’Imbenia Nuragic village | Nuragic civilisation

  • End of 1st century B.C. / 1st century A.D.

    Roman shipwreck of Mariposa | Roman age

  • 12th / 13th century

    Medieval shipwreck of Capo Galera | Middle Ages

  • 15th / 16th century

    Post medieval shipwreck of Mariposa | Post-Medieval

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Nuragic village of Sant’Imbenia

Let us start the trail from the Nuragic village of Sant’Imbenia. It is the island’s oldest known mooring point, the main trade hub for exchanges between peoples from East and the local community.

The roman wreck at Mariposa

You can explore the depths of the sea with roman, medieval and post-medieval shipwrecks, sunk offshore after coastal storms. These were found thanks to naval and underwater archaeological investigations.